Hopetech CHT3548A 手持式直流低电阻测试仪(0.1μΩ~3.3MΩ,0.02%)

Measurement items: ESR
Basic accuracy: 0.1%±10 reading ( 3mΩ, 30mΩ, 3mΩ) 0.05% ± 4 readings, 0.02% ± 2 readings
Measurement range: 3mΩ/ 30mΩ/ 300mΩ/ 3Ω/ 30Ω/300Ω/3kΩ/30kΩ/ 300kΩ/ 3.3MΩ
Measurement speed: 5 meas/sec
Maximum test current: DC 1A
Temperature: Range: -10°C ~ 60 °C. Accuracy: 1°C
Internal data storage: 6000 test data
Trigger: Internal/ auto trigger
Min. resolution: Resistance: 0.1μΩ
Max. reading:  Resistance 33000
Other function: OVC, length conversion function, Temp. corection, auto strigger/ auto save/ auto trigger save function
Interface: USB, external
Power supply: 12V/1700mAh lithium battery, AA (LR6) Alkaline Batteries x 8
Size: 208 L x 120 W x 52 D mm
Weight: 0.81 kg



Portable design ideal for maintenance and testing of large equipment
CHT3548 DC resistance tester offers a portable solution for measuring resistance with a wide range 0.1μΩ~3.3MΩ at a high level of precision 0.02%. It has a wide application in measurement of ordinary resistors, coil resistance (large motors, transformers, and inductors), cable length and diameter detection, pipe welding and metals detection and electric cars to ground connection detection and so on.
Its ultra-low-power design makes the instrument continuous work for approximately 7 hours in 0.1μΩ measurement range.
Due to the strong surge withstand capability, CHT3548 can be used to test winding resistance of devices.

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