HST GGW-300 Rail Static Bend Testing Machine (3000kN)

Application: designed for testing of rails after welding; analysis is performed at the edge of the weld collar of an aluminothermic weld, in order to examine one of the failure modes that occur in this weld type under high axle load conditions

Capacity: kN: 3000

Load resolution:

kN: Capacity/300, 000 (fully auto scaling of single measurement range)

Machine specifications


in: 11.81

mm: 300mm

Testing speeds

in/s: 0.0276~0.0472

mm/s: 0.7~1.2

Loading rate

kN/S: 40~120

Bend test arrangement

Bearer span  

in: 39.37±0.197

mm: 1000±5

Bearer radius  

in: 0.984~2.756

mm: 25~70



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