HST GJR-300 Optical Cable Bend (Winding) Testing Machine

Application: intended to determine the ability of an optical fibre cable or cable element to withstand bending around a test mandrel such as U bend and S bend.

Mandrel diameter (Drive): mm: D200, D300

Mandrel diameter (Slave): mm: D300

Positioning range of slave mandrel: mm: 0-250

Max. bending cycles: Cycles: 1-9999

Winding frequency: Cycles/min: 2-20 (Clockwise / Anticlockwise)

Winding velocity: r/min: 12

Mass of weights for applying tension:  : Weight bracket: 5kg

1 pieces of 5kg weight increment, 1 piece of 2.5kg weight increment.

Dimensions (L*W*H):  

Working frame: mm: 1000*720*1300

Control console: mm: 400*300 * 800

Power: 3-phase 4-wire, 50Hz, 1kW.



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