HST GNZ-1000 Optical Fiber Cable Torsion Testing Machine (±90°, ±180°, ±360°)

Application: intended to establish the ability of a fiber optic cable to withstand mechanical twisting.

1. Torsion angle: ±90°, ±180°, ±360°;

2. Torsion length: 1000mm;

3. Setting range of testing times: 1~9999;

4. Setting range of frequency: 5-30 times/min;

5. The torsion times will be automatically recorded. When reaching to the preset times, the test is automatically terminated;

6. Mass of hammer: the mass of pre-stressed hammer is 27.5kg, in which, poise bracket (5kg), 4 5kg poises and 1 2.5 poise.

7. Dimension:

Host dimension: 2010×520mm

Dimension of control panel: 540×410mm

8. Power supply: 3-phase 4-wire, 50Hz, 1KW. In which, power of motor is 0.55KW;

9. Ambient temperature: 10℃~40℃

10. Ambient humidity: less than 80% (Non-condensing).



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