HST HST-2000W 三视镜倒置金相显微镜 (50X, PL10X/18mm)

1. Structure : Hinged trinocular, 45°tilt, ±5 diopter can be adjusted both side, IPD adjustment range: 54-75mm, fixed ratio, Binocular: Trinocular=80%:20%.

2. Total magnification : 50-1000 times

3. Objective : Professional Metallurgical objective 5X,10X,20X,50X.

4. Eyepiece : High eye-point wide field eyepiece flat field PL10X/18mm.

5. Micrometer : 0.01 mm / 1 mm

6. Stage: Three layers of mechanical mobile platforms, area 180mmX155mm, Lower right hand control, stroke : 75mm×40mm, metal flat bedplate, center hole φ12mm.

7. Focusing mechanism : Low hand position coarse tune coaxial Focusing mechanism, coarse per rotation stroke 38mm, fine-tuning accuracy 0.002mm, with coarse tension adjustment device.

8. Lighting system : Reflective Corazon Illuminator with the iris diaphragm and center adjustable field diaphragm

9. Optical System : Infinity color correction optical system.

10. Power : 220VAC(50Hz)



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