HST HST-20N Manual Spring Extension and Compression Testing Machine (20N)

Application: used to test amount of deformation and characteristic of load relation of extension and compression springs. It can be applied to the testing of working load of extension and compression springs under certain working length.

Maximum testing load (N): 20

Minimum resolution: 0.001N

Division value of the displacement scale: 0.01mm

Indication error: ±1%

Power Supply: AC 110-220V, 50HZ-60HZ

Power capability (without printer): 13W

Power capability (with printer): 20W

Working temperature: 20±10℃

Temperature of storage and transportation: -27℃~+70℃

Relative temperature: 15%~80%RH



Functional Features

1.  Liquid crystal display (English); better Human Machine Interface (HMI)

2.  High precision and resolution

3.  Three kinds of measurement units can be selected(N, Lb and Kg); inter-conversion is available

4.  The user can independently set up acceleration of gravity of the place of usage. In this way, the testing and unit conversion would be more accurate

5.  99 sets of test data can be stored; the user can directly look over, store and delete data in the machine

6.  The user can freely shift among the following three patterns: Real-time and peak-value patterns and the pattern of automatic peak value

7.  It has the function of client setup and free setup of upper and lower limits (corresponding to audible and visual alarms), storage value, holding value, automatic storage time of peak value, automatic shutdown time (non-operation), etc

8.  Judgment of acceptance or rejection of test data to be printed and stored, maximum value, minimum value and mean value (only for tape printing machine)

9.  MODBUS-RTU standard agreement is adopted for communication; USB interface is adopted for better connection with configuration and PLC connection.

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