HST TLS-100 Spring Compression And Tensile Testing Machine (100kN)

Application: test and analyze the tensile force, pressure, displacement and stiffness of precision springs such as tension springs, compression springs, disc springs, tower springs, leaf springs, circlips, leaf springs, composite springs, gas springs, mold springs, and special-shaped springs.

Max. Testing force: 100KN

Structure: Door Type

Control type: Computer control

Accuracy: 1 class

Testing range: 2%~100%F·S

Relative error of test force indication: ≤±1%

Relative error of displacement indication: ≤±1%

Displacement display resolution: 0.01mm

Deformation indication error: ≤±(50+0.15L)um

Speed range: 0.05-500 mm/min

Diameter of compression plate: 110mm

Power: AC220V±10%,50Hz



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