HST TLT-10 Touch Screen Automatic Spring Testing Machine (10kN)

Application: designed and manufactured for the precision inspection for small springs in strict accordance with the industry standard of the Ministry of Machinery.

Capacity(KN): 10

Max. Testing display value(N): 0.1

Testing range: 1%—100%FS

Load display resolution: 1/1000000

Relative error of indication repeatability(%): ±0.5

Max. Read value of displacement(mm): 0.001

Electronic handwheel (fine tuning): 0.01mm

Tensile/compression testing space(mm): 190

Standard pressure plate diameter (mm): 190

Testing speed(mm/min): 0.01-500




★ Four test methods: fixed height measurement load, fixed load measurement height, fixed deformation measurement load, constant load measurement deformation;

★ High-speed acquisition rate can be achieved under the premise of ensuring accuracy, which greatly improves the test efficiency;

★ Repeatable batch detection can be set for a single type of spring, and whether the spring is qualified or not is indicated by an indicator light;

★ High degree of automated inspection, complete the entire test process in one click;

★ High precision, large range, and repeatability of force value;

★ Automatic judgment of data results, automatic analysis, real-time display;

★ Large amount of data storage, automatic storage, query and print;

★ The electronic handwheel is loaded slowly, which can realize small deformation movement;

★ Chinese operation interface, simple, intuitive, easy to learn and understand, easy to operate for people of different ages;

★ Triple protection: sensor overload protection, photoelectric limit protection, mechanical limit protection;

★ spray plastic sheet metal, beautiful appearance, upper grade;

★ High cost performance, can replace similar foreign models.

★ The display adopts industrial grade Touch Screen , which has long life, stable performance and wide viewing angle.

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