HST XNR-400C Plastic MFI Tester (0.1-800cm3/10min(MVR))

Application: suitable for determining the melt flow rate (MFR) of thermoplastic plastic such as polyethylene,POM,ABS resin

Measuring range

0.1-800.00 g/10min(MFR)

0.1-800.00 cm3/10min(MVR)

Precision of temperature control: room temperature - 450°c

Precision of temperature: ±0.2°c

Precision of time: 0.1s

Displacement precision: 0.01mm

Load: full load

Cutting mode: manual, by time, automatic

Charging barrel internal diameter: 9.550mm ± 0.025mm

Charging barrel length: 160mm

Mouth die: Tungsten carbide, L: 8.000mm±0.025mm,

Internal diameter: 2.095mm ±0.005mm

Power: 0.45 KW

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

Dimension: 350mm ×500mm ×650mm

Net Weight: 65kg



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