Technical Data

Range of scanning (mm): Range of scanning (mm):0~1000

D-delay (ms): D-delay (ms):0~5000

MTLVEL(m/s): MTLVEL:1000~9999

Working mode: Single probe (receiving and sending), double probe (one for receiving and another for sending), transmission (transmission probe)

Frequency Range (MHz): 0.5~10

Gain adjustment (dB): 0~110

Reject: 0%~80% of screen height

Vertical linear error: Vertical linear error is not more than 3%

Horizontal linear error: Not more than 0.1% in the scanning range

Sensitivity Leavings: ≥50 dB

Dynamic range: ≥36dB

Alarm: Three modes, i.e. forbidden wave, loss wave and auto

A-Scan display area : Full screen or local; A-Scan display freezing and de-freezing A-Scan filling

Data save : 500 A-Scan images (including setting of instrument)

Standard communication interface with PC: USB

Measuring unit: mm/inch

Battery: Li battery 3.6V 3000mAh * 4

Power adaptor: 4.2V DC 220AC

Working temperature: -20℃~50℃

Working humidity: 20%~90%

Port type: LEMO

Overall dimension (mm): 162×105×42

Weight (kg): 0.68 (include Li-ion battery)

Standard delivery

Main unit: 1

4.2V power adaptor: 1

probe connecting cable: 1

Carrying case: 1

Instruction manual: 1

Straight probe: 1 (Dia 20mm, 2.5MHz)

Angle probe: 1 (13×13, 60°, 2.5MHz)


Performance Features

The dual CPUs work in coordination, high speed detecting and data processing;

Automatic calibration;

Easy tests of thickness and sound velocity of materials;

Freely set standards for various industries to meet different flaw detection

Automated display precise flaw location(Depth d,level p,distance s,amplitude,dB,diameter ф);

Freely set standards for various industries to meet different flaw detection;

The echo suppression is adjustable from 0 to 90%, without affecting the dB gain and linearity;

DAG and AVG(DGS) curves are generated automatically;

Muti-functions for easy detection: peak memory, Display freeze, automatic gain & wave search;

Li -battery, continue working time up to 10 hours;

Storage: 500 sets of flaw detection process and data storage;

Provides high contrast viewing of the waveform from bright, direct sunlight to complete darkness and easy to read from all angles;

USB connects to computer,automatically generate flaw detection report;

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