HUATEC FD580 超声波探伤仪

Technical info

Display: 7 inch TFT color screen,800*480 resolution

Operation mode: Button, Rotary, Touch Screen

Power supply: Lithium Ion Battery

Battery capacity: 5.0Ah

Power voltage: 12V

Power quantity: 1

Working time: ≥8 hours

Adapter input: DC100~240V 50Hz/60Hz

Adapter output: AC 12V

Adapter power: 36W

Data storage: SD card(16G)

Alarm: 1

Working Temperature: -10℃~45℃

Storage Temperature -20℃~60℃

IP Grade: IP65


Weight:1.18kg(included battery)

Conventional UT Model

Probe Connector type: LEMO 00

Channel Type: Single channel

Channel Num: 500 group(able to be scaled)

Pulse Type: Negative sharp wave

Transmit Voltage: 50~350V,step in 50V

Damping: 560Ω

Gain: 0~110dB,step:0.5/2/6/12dB

Gain Fine Adjustment: -4~+4

Surface compensation: All Gain Range

Working Frequency 0.5~20MHz;

Probe Type: Single,Dual, Through, Immersion type

Filter: Three optional: 1~4MHz/0.5~10MHz/2~20MHz

Detection Mode: Negative/Positive/Two-way/RF

Reject: 0~80%,step 1%

Testing Range: 0~15000mm,Minimum display range:15mm(in steel)

Material Velocity: 100~20000m/s

Pulse displacement: -10~1000mm

P DELAY: 0~200us

X-VAL: 0~100mm

Guide: Weld, Sheet, Forging inspection

Testing Point: Peak/X-val/J val

Measurement: Gate:   Amplitude,Amplitude dB value,Range,Horizontal distance,Vertical distance,The difference value between A and B Gate

Cursor:2 cross cursors, can test the horizontal and vertical distance, and the distance between cursors(under B scan function)

Gate: Gate start:all range

Gate width:all range

Gate level:10~90%,step:1%

Curve: DAC, maximum six curves, meet to NB/T 47013,GB/T 11345,GB/T 29712, and other standards; TCG, maximum six curves; AVG

Other functions: Full screen, cursor switch(range/Height/Horizon), single/continuous auto gain(10~100%, step 10%), echo compare,echo full, peak envelope,peak memory,fast scan,outside mode,screenshot. Peak freeze/Crack depth/Gate expansion//curved surface modification/ B scan/Flat weld simulation//video

Alarm: Sound and light alarm

Sensitivity Leavings: ≥65dB(200mm—Φ2FH,2.5PΦ20)

Horizontal linearity error: ≤0.3%

Vertical linearity error: ≤3%

Amplitude linearity error: ≤±2%

Attenuator accuracy : 20dB ±1 dB

Dynamic range: ≥32dB

Distant resolution: ≥26dB

Noise Level: <40×10-9 V/


1. Main unit: 1

2. Power adaptor: 1

3. probe connecting cable: 2

4. Instrument case: 1

5. Instruction manual: 1

6. Straight probe 10mm 2.5MHz: 1

7. Angle probe 13x13 60degrees 2.5MHz: 1

8. Warranty card: 1


Key features

●High-precision quantification and positioning to meet the requirements of near and far distance detection

●The near-field blind zone is small, can meet the detecting requirements for small-diameter and thin-walled pipe.

●Auto calibration function:one-button auto calibration,easy to operate, automatic test probe “P Delay”,”K value”,”X value” and the velocity

●Automatic display the defect echo position(Depth:d, Horizontal:p,Distance:s, Amplitude,dB,ф )

●Switch three scales freely(Depth:d, Horizontal:p,Distance:s)

●Auto gain, peak envelope, peak memory functions, which can improve the detection efficiency.

●Automatically record the flaw detection process and dynamic playback

●φ value calculation:Forging flaw detection by straight probe, can find the highest wave to conversion φ value automatically

●500 independent channels(can be expandable), which can input and store the detection standards of any industries freely, do not need to carry the standard blocks for on-site inspection.

●Store, playback 500 A-scan waves and data freely

● The DAC, AVG, and TCG curves (depth compensation) are automatically generated and can be segmented. The sampling points are unrestricted and can be corrected and compensated.

●14 built-in inspection standards

●Free to enter any industry standards

●Pulse width and strength can adjustable

●B scan and B color scan function;

●Can communicate with the computer, and export WORD. File, also the detection report

●IP65 ABS plastic case, sturdy and durable,water-proof and dust-proof, and excellent anti-interference ability

●Use (wireless) communication software to analyze data print reports, etc;

●260,000-color true color screen, is suitable for working environment under strong light or low light

●High performance lithium battery, can work continuously for 8-10 hours

●Real-time clock recording: real-time flaw detection date, time tracking record, and storage

●Power-down protection, storage data can not lost

●Flaw detection parameters can be automatically tested or preset

●Digital reject, does not affect gain and linearity

●Gain compensation: Db attenuation can be corrected for surface roughness, curved surfaces, long-range flaw detection of thick work-pieces, etc.

●Can operate the flaw detector by software at the PC, achieving the goal of computer-controlled flaw detector to detecting

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