HB-3000MF Huatec 金属和非金属自动数字硬度测试仪,内置打印机


-Brinell Scale: HBW2.5/62.5  HBW2.5/187.5  HBW5/125    HBW5/750    HBW10/100, HBW10/1500  HBW10/3000   HBW10/250   HBW10/500   HBW10/1000

-Test Force: 62.5kgf(612.9N),100kgf(980.7N),125kgf(1226N),187.5kgf(1839N),250kgf(2452N), 500kgf(4903N),750kgf(7355N),1000kgf(8907N),1500kgf(14710N),3000kgf(29420N)

- Max Height of Specimen: 200mm (Added height type: 400mm for specially making)

- Min Test Unit: 0.625um

- Weight of Instrument: About 90 Kg

- Power Supply: AC220+5%,50~60Hz

 - Overall Dimension: 550x210x750mm

- Dwelling Time: 5~60s

- Hardness test Range: 8~650HBW

- Total Magnification of Microscope: 20X

- Carried Standard: GB/T231.2 Chinese Standard, JJG150 Inspection Rule

- Distance between Indenter to outer wall: 135mm

- Readout Hardness Value: LCD Screen Displays, Print Output, Built-in Printer

- Rise Up Specimen: Automatically / Manually

- Press Indentation: Automatically

- Turn Turret: Automatically / Manually

- Move Down Specimen: Automatically / Manually

- Hardness Tested Value: Digitally display and print

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