HUATEC HBI-10M 带CCD摄像机的便携式数字布氏压痕仪 (62.5kgf~3000kgf)


Test Parameter: 3000kgf, 1500kgf, 1000kgf, 750kgf, 500kgf, 250kgf, 187.5kgf, 100kgf And 62.5kgf

Diameter Of Indenter: 10mm, 5mm, 2.5mm

Measuring Range: 3.18HBW~658HBW

HBI-10M is the one by manual operation

The standard configuration of the tester:

· DELL Notebook PC * 1

· No.1 CCD camera * 1

· Power & USB module * 1

· Cables * 2

· Software disc * 1

· Soft dog * 1

· Shockproof suitcase * 1

· User’s guide * 1

The system can match any kinds of PC include notebook type and bench type


HUATEC Brinell indention tester can match any kind of Brinell hardness tester. As an independent measurement system, it can measure the Brinell indention accurately, quickly, reliably and movably. It is a new measuring method by using CCD camera to capture the indention image, instead of reading diameter from optical microscope by operator then calculating the test value.

·Special software supplying simplest operation

·Both single testing and batch testing mode are available

·Tolerance setting, distinguishing and alarming

 ·Statistics values such as Max, Min, Avg, R and S are available

·Convert test result to other scales, such as HRC, HRB, HRA, HV, σb

· All test results and indention images are saved automatically

· Test report created in Microsoft EXCEL format, can be edit, copy, print as you will

· Software update freely

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