HUATEC HCDX-230 磁探伤仪

Power supply: 220V 50Hz-12V

Charging power: ~220V 50HZ

Battery: MF12-10B

Working current: AC 3A; DC 3A

Charging duration: 8~15h

Battery duration: More than 6h

Aperture time: 3 ~ 5 seconds on / 3 to 5 seconds off

Magnetizing length: 50-200mm

Lift force: AC: ≥4.8㎏; DC: ≥18.5㎏

Weight: Probe: 3.2kg; Battery box: 2.9kg

Figure size: Probe: 208×48×148mm; Battery box: 165×142×77mm

List of completed set of the instrument:

Main detector, Probe&cable: 1 set

Charge& wire: 1 piece

Battery box: 1 box

Flexible joint: 2 pairs, 4 sections (on probe)

Power wire: 1 piece

Cable: 1 piece

Packing case: 1 piece

Operation instructions: 1 piece

Certifications: 1 piece


Mag particle testing equipment Magnetic Particle Testing For Surface Crack Testing

Brief Introduction

The portable series magnet yoke detector is a light and small magnetic particle flow detector device which magnetizing the magnetic work-piece by magnet yoke. It is suitable for flaw detect in varies parts, such as in oil-field, ship-building, diesel engine parts, miner, machinery, standard parts, oil pump and nozzle, airplane-manufacture, mobile parts, bridge-build, chemical industry, boiler, pressure vessels, railway industry products or the parts which have surface defect resulted in forging, quenching, welding and fatigue, such as connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing, high strength bolts, springs, forging parts, pipes, valves, blades, gears, rolling parts, anchor chain and the parts with complicated geometric figure.

There is AC, DC, AC-DC type of the portable series magnet yoke detectors. The power source for DC type detector is chargeable cell and can continuously work for 6 hours with one time charged. It is suitable for field operation of container, bridge and pipes without power supplier or high voltage is unable to connected. The AC type detector is charged with 220V and 110V power supplier. It is widely used since easy to operated, simple in structure, lightly in weight and easy to carry.

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