HUATEC HCDX-D 便携式多功能磁探伤仪

Technical parameters:

Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50HZ 5A

Output: AC 38V 10A

Type A.D.E.O probes are optional and available

Inspection speed: ≥6 m/min

Temperature rise of probe: ≤60℃

Working beat: it is recommended to work for a long period of continuous operation: magnetizing time ≤3 seconds, gap time ≥5 seconds

Weight: about 6.5Kg (main unit)

 D probe: Lifting force: AC≥ 5kg DC≥18Kg Pole distance: 50-200mm (adjustable) Working voltage: AC=38V, DC=9V Weight: 2.5 Kg

Standard delivery:

Host HCDX-E 1

Type E probe 1

The power line 1

The probe line 1

Standard specimen 1

Operation manual 1

Certificate 1



HCDX- composite magnetic powder flaw detector adopts silicon controlled contactless switch, with low noise, strong magnetic force, long service life and simple operation, suitable for field and laboratory use. The instrument adopts combined configuration, and users can choose probe freely according to their needs. Type A, D, E, O probe can be configured according to user requirements.

The importance of magnetic particle flaw detector:

1, can find the hidden defects of ferromagnetic raw materials, to avoid the loss of parts processing costs;

2. Recessive defects of ferromagnetic parts can be found to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents;

3, can find the process defects in the processing process of ferromagnetic parts, improve the processing technology;

4. Fatigue cracks in the stress concentration zone of ferromagnetic parts can be found to improve the design process.


Mainly used to detect surface and near surface cracks of ferromagnetic workpiece.

Boiler pressure vessel, steel structure, forgings, castings, welding parts, machined parts, etc.

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