HUATEC HCDX-Y7T 磁探伤仪 (0 ~ 210mm;-10 ~ +40 C)

Model guide

Electromagnetic Yoke: HCDX-Y1

Electrode spacing: 0~210mm

Maximum current: 2.8A

Weight: 2.6kg

Major function: Direct alternating current magnetization; DC magnetization of rechargeable battery pack MT-610

(Battery MT-610

Output voltage: AC

Power type: Lithium battery

Charging current: 2A

Battery capacity: 8000mAh

Working time: About 6h

Shape size: 55×95×240(mm)

Weight: 1.2kg)

Technical parameter

Working temperature: -10 ~ +40 C

Storage temperature: -20 ~ 50 C

Relative humidity: <80% non condensation

Work temperature rise: <18 C

Temporary load rate: >50%

Sensitivity: A1 standard test piece 15/50 groove clearly displayed.

AC minimum power hoisting power: >4.5kg (44N)

DC minimum power hoisting power: >18.1kg (177N)


Product features

Sealed, durable construction

Chemical and abrasion resistant

AC and DC operation options for surface and sub-surface inspection

Exceeds ASTM lifting specifications

AC magnetizing power supply (DC-AC inverter battery pack) has the functions of voltage regulation, overcharge, over current and over discharge.

When the lifting force is not enough, the power is automatically cut off to ensure the sensitivity of flaw detection.

The power display function can display the current battery power, and has the function of sound and light alarm.

Built in microcomputer chip to stabilize output voltage and ensure detection sensitivity.

Adjustable magnetization

Special working waist bag can carry battery pack, magnetic suspension, contrast agent, yoke probe, etc.

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