HUATEC HEC-103A1 涡流试验机 ( 7,76% IACS - 112% IACS)

Technical parameters

Working Freq.: 60KHz, sine wave

Measurement range for conductivity: 7.76 %IACS to 112 %IACS, or 4.5 MS/m to 65 MS/m or resistivity 0.01538 to 0.22222Ω•mm²/m

Resolving power: 0.01%IACS(when <51%IACS); 0.1%IACS(51%IACS to 112%IACS )

Measuring precision : ±1% ( temp range, 0℃ to 40℃) ±0.5%( temp range, 20℃)

Lift-off effect: Probe compensation 0.5mm

Temp. measurement: 0℃ to +50℃(precision 0.5℃)

Function of auto compensation : Measured result of conductivity, adjusting to value at temp. 20℃ automatically

Normal working environment: Temp. 0℃ to +50℃; relative humidity, 0 to 95%

Display: Liquid crystal big screen, back-light designed, multiple items of important parameter displayed simultaneously.

Power supply: Equipped with a lithium ion battery of 2200mA/h

Probes: One probe of diameter ¢14mm, working freq. 60KHz, for instrument model 103A and 103A1; Probes are interchangeable.

Reading memory: Storage for 4000 groups of measured data files.

Communication with PC machine: RS 232 interface

Weight of host machine: 0.5kg (including batteries)

Dimension of host machine: 220mmx95mmx55mm

Shell of instrument: Engineering plastic, high impact-resistance, waterproof shell for this instrument

Package and protection: High impact-resistance, waterproof, portable box made of aluminum alloy; inside of it there is instrument, probes, communication cable, operation manual, conductivity blocks, recharger, instrument stand,  conductivity blocks, recharger, instrument stand,conductivity blocks, recharger, instrument stand,U disk

Accessories: 2 pieces of standard conductivity blocks for model HEC-103A1; 3 pieces of standard conductivity blocks for model HEC-103A. You can purchase more blocks if you wish.


Measurement Of Conductivity And Resistivity Of Non-Ferromagnetic Materials Classification Of Metal and Determination of metal purity

Main Application

Can distinguish and test metal alloys

Can test heat-treating state, during manufacturing, as well as inspecting over-heated damage during service (such as airplane)

Can detect grades of materials

Use for metal classification

To detect the density of powder-metallurgical parts

To detect the conductivity of conductors during manufacturing and servicing.

Main Features

Modern appearance, easy to carry about and grasp, simple and convenient to use.

Large screen, big character typeface; displaying measured result, working frequency, temperature, temperature coefficient, etc. simultaneously.

Back-light illumination for reading measured data in poor-light environment.

Special temperature coefficient setting and auto calibrating mode, convenient and reliable for user to operate.

New design of lift-off compensation and temperature compensation of the instrument to ensure the precision of measurement.

With interchangeable probes of the instrument, the user oneself is able to change probes provided by our company without matching, no need to send back to factory.

With built-in data memory, enough to record 4000 groups of measured data and important measuring parameter; to connect to a computer for forming a complete report.

Two kinds of measuring units (MS/m or %IACS) for convenient selection. It is easy to switch to resistivity value directly on the measurement interface.

Two kinds of language selection: Japanese and English.

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