HUATEC HEC-103B 涡流试验机 ( 0,51% IACS ~ 112% IACS)


Working Freq.: 60KHz and 500KHz, sine wave

Measurement range for conductivity: 0.51 %IACS to 112 %IACS, or 0.3 MS/m to 65 MS/m or resistivity 0.01538 Ω·mm²/m to 3.33333Ω·mm²/m

Resolution: 0.1 %~0.001 %IACS

Measuring precision: ±1%(Temp.0℃~50℃),±0.5%(Temp. 20℃)

Lift-off compensation: 0.5mm of φ14 probe; 0.2mm of φ8 probe;

Temp. Measuring range: 0℃~+80℃(Temp. resolution0.1℃,Temp. Measuring precision0.5℃)

Auto. Compensation: Testing result of conductivity adjusted to the value at temp. 20℃ automatically

Working environment: Temp. 0℃~+50℃,Related humidity 0~85%(Non-condensing)

Display: Large screen LCD, with back-light designed, can display multiple items of important parameter simultaneously

Power supply: Provided lithium ion battery of 3.7V,2200mA/h, continuous working about 12hours

Probes: diameter 14 mm working frequency of 60 KHz and diameter 8mm working frequency of 500 KHz of a probe; Probe can be Self replacement.

Temp. Probe: Hand-hold surface temperature sensor

Reading memory: Save 4000 sets of measuring date

PC Communication: RS 232 interface, Baud rate: 2400bps; Date rate:8

Host weight: 0.5KG(Including battery)

Host size: 220 mm×95 mm×55 mm

Shell: Plastic shell


Including two probes of diameter 14 mm working frequency of 60 KHz and diameter 8mm working frequency of 500 KHz of a probe; Probe can be Self replacement.

Model HEC-103B has unique camber modification technology, with the special camber measurement mode and “∧” shape probe cover, the camber material can be measured stably.

Model HEC-103B has continuity measurement function, which can help you sort material quickly by setting the upper and lower bound warning, in order to maximize efficiency

Conductivity and resistivity measurement of below:

non-ferromagnetic material

Determining extent of thermal treatment

Checking thermal damage, material fatigue and crack

Determining metal purity

Monitoring of metal homogeneity

Metal classification Monitoring of strength and hardness Detecting the density of powder metallurgy parts


Beautiful appearance, easy to carry about and grasp, simple and convenient to use.

Big screen, big character; displaying measured result, working frequency, temperature, temperature coefficient etc. simultaneously.

Two kinds of switchable frequencies for HEC-103B, 60KHz for aviation industry standard, 500KHz for detecting sheet metal.

Special temperature coefficient setting and auto calibrating mode, convenient and reliable for user to operate.

Up to 500μm lift-off compensation design, for maintaining the measuring accuracy when painted, coated or dusty on surface.

The variety of temperature compensation mode design, combined with temperature coefficient, instruments can ensure the measurement accuracy under different testing temperature.

With interchangeable probes, the user is able to change probes provided by our company without matching.

Built-in date memory, can record 4000 sets of test date and important test parameters, you can connect the computer to generate a complete report.

Two units (MS/m or %IACS) convenient choice, but also can directly switch resistivity in the measurement of interface.

Two kinds of language selection: Japanese and English.

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