HUATEC HEC-108 涡流试验机 (0,69% IACS ~ 172% IACS)

HEC-108 Main Parameters

Measuring range: Resistivity: 0.01µΩ·m~2.5µΩ·m; Conductivity: 0.4MS/m~100MS/m, 0.69%IACS~172%IACS; Resistance: 0.1µΩ~150Ω

Resolution: Resistivity: 10-4~10-6µΩ·m; Conductivity: 0.01~0.001%IACS   ; Resistance: 0.01µΩ(I=10A)

Precision: Resistivity: ±0.25%; Conductivity: ±0.25%   ; Resistance: 100µΩ~150Ω:±0.15%

Temperature measurement: 0℃-55℃,Accuracy of ±0.1℃

Internal constant current of the instrument: 16µA level~10A level(automatic selection according to the measuring requirement)

Wire/cable measuring fixture: provided 1000mm standard test fixture (Optional HJ-300 / 150 / 240 / 630 / 1200 test fixture )or other non-standard test fixture with different size;

Automatic temperature compensation: The measured value will be automatically compensated to the value at 20℃.

Wire/cable measuring items: ①Soild conductor resistivity ρv,conductivity σ,resistance R,resistance per unit length Rl,② resistivity, resistance pen unit length (Ω/m),Ω/km (optional model HEC-108B)

Printout data: Date, time, temperature correction coefficient α, wire specifications, and all measured values of conductor and wire/cable

Normal working environment: Temperature: 0℃~+40℃; relative humidity: 0~80%

Display: large screen LCD,which can simultaneously display multiple measurement parameters with backlight

Power supply: 220VAC ± 10%, 50-60Hz; power 160W

Internal memory: Can save 1000 groups of measured data.

PC communication mode: RS232 serial port

Host size: 350(W)*260(H)*200(D)

Master machine shell: Aluminum alloy case

Packaging and protection: Master machine, test fixture,charge,communication cables, correction resistance, operation manual and a CD-ROM,Flush bonding printer, charger four-terminal resistance test clamp, temperature sensor ,and etc.


HUATEC HEC-108 Metal Foil Resistivity Resistance and Conductivity Measuring Instrument Conductivity of Metal Testing Equipment

Main features of the instrument

Measure the conductivity, resistivity, meter resistance and DC resistance of motor, transformer, etc. of the wire, pole and bar with the maximum diameter of 1-45mm.

The resolution of the instrument is up to 10-8 Ω (0.01 μ Ω), which ensures the measurement accuracy of the resistance and conductivity of the metal conductor with the maximum diameter up to Ø 45mm (sectional area up to 1589mm2).

Configure high-precision (± 0.1 ℃) temperature sensor or test fixture with high-precision conductor temperature sensor, greatly improving the accuracy of temperature automatic compensation in measurement.

Combining advanced electronic, singlechip and automatic measurement techniques in one instrument, with superior automatic functions and simple operation.

All measured numerical values can be obtained by just one press on the key without any calculation. The instrument is adequate for continuous, fast and accurate measurements.

AC power supply design, suitable for field use.

With large screen and font. Can display measured values and auxiliary parameters at the same time, including resistivity, conductivity, resistance, temperature, measuring current and temperature compensation coefficient.

The functions of automatic constant current selection, automatic current reversal, automatic zero point correction and automatic temperature compensation are maintained for every measurement, to guarantee the accuracy of measured value.

Special portable four-terminal measuring fixture is suitable for fast measurements of different materials and the wire/bar with different standards.

The build-in data accumulator can record and save 1000 groups of measuring data and parameters. Connecting it to the host computer, the complete report can be generated.

Built in data memory can record and save 1000 sets of measurement data and parameters, and connect the upper computer to generate a complete report.

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