HUATEC HEF-4D 涡流试验机 (10 Hz ~ 10 MHz)

Technical Parameters  

Eddy Current Testing Specifications :TFT-LCD Large Screen Multi-function Digital Eddy Current Tester Using DSP and FPGA Integration Technology 3  

◆Large screen, high brightness 5.7-inch color TFT-LCD, to solve the shortcomings of traditional screen  

◆Independent Detection Frequency:2 in total  

◆Frequency Range:10 Hz~10 MHz,Step 1 Hz  

◆Gain:0 dB~99 dB,Step 0.1 dB  

◆Phase:0~359°,Step 1 Deg , flexible phase rotation  

◆Intelligent Mixing Unit:1 in total  

◆Lift-off height: 1--3mm, no need to hide the surface layer processing  

◆Automatic Balance:Digital Electronic Balance  

◆Phase / non-amplitude, box and fan boxes, alarm mode to meet your testing needs  

◆Probe Driver:Vpp=1~8V,meet different probe structures, multi-function  

◆Independent X and Y gain adjustment  

◆Digital Filtering:HPF(0Hz~2000Hz),LPF(0Hz~2000Hz)  

◆Capacity USB 2.0 (Host) output connection  

◆Real-time signal preservation,playback,analysis,save and print: 8G/24Hour

◆Center coordinates: X Y adjustable  

◆Operating System:Linux 2.6 Operation Language:English/Chinese  

◆Display Mode:Impedance, time base, rectangular coordinates, polar coordinates  

◆Power Supply : 110V~220V, built-in rechargeable lithium battery 8000MAH  

◆Online hotkey graphics, text help  

◆Operating Temperature: -20° ~ 60°C  

◆Standard system: Cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates  

◆L X W X H :250 MM x 200 MM x 85 MM,Weight:2.0KG

Standard configuration

◆Host HEF-4D :One set

◆Probe: customized according to user-specific probes and structures different inspection requirements. College Standard: Print the probe through the probe, conductivity probe, thickness measuring probe, a magnetic memory probe

◆Probe cable: ONE  

◆Charger: ONE  

◆Battery: ONE  

◆Test block: Optional  

◆Instructions :ONE  

◆Warranty Card : ONE  

◆Product List : ONE


Product description

◆HEF-4D is HUATEC electromagnetic product family adds a "forcing", using the world's most advanced DSP and FPGA integration technology greatly improve the signal processing speed, detection accuracy rate is 10 times that of similar products.

◆Suitable for almost all eddy current testing applications, but also effectively suppress interference signals, which not only has a conventional digital "dual" eddy current testing, also has a "magnetic memory, conductivity, thickness measurement" measurement functions, products widely used in military vulnerability assessment ( surface inspection blades, wheels, landing gear and other aircraft components); aircraft rivet holes or bolt holes in the surface crack detection hole without dismantling or removing fasteners state, the multilayer structure of the aircraft, and aluminum skin detection wing fuselage joints, the stress of the metal structure has a strong focus on early diagnosis function .

◆HEF-4D Fool-style operation available., Without long time special training, we will be able to work posts.

◆Special Note :Four functions required to configure different sensors support.


◆Used in aerospace, aviation, special, higher education, metal parts, pipes, construction, weld, metal parts and other testing,

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