HUATEC HIR-7R5 热像仪 (640 × 480pixel, 0 ~ 500 ℃)

Technical Specification


Detector Type: Focal Plane Array, Uncooled Microbolometer

Spectral Band: 7.5~14μm

Pixel Resolution: 640×480

Pixel Size: 17μm

Maximum Frame Rate: 50Hz

Measurement & Imaging Performance

Temperature Ranges: 0~500℃

Accuracy: 2℃or2%

Thermal Sensitivity(NETD): 150 mK

Optional lens index:

- Focus: 15mm; FOV: 26o×20o; Spatial resolution: 1.13 mrad; Human detection/recognition/recognition distance: 540m/140m/70m; Vehicle detection distance: 1100m

- Focus: 25mm; FOV: 15o×11.3o; Spatial resolution: 0.68 mrad; Human detection/recognition/recognition distance: 850m/210m/110m; Vehicle detection distance: 1700m

- Focus: 50mm; FOV: 7.5o×5.6o; Spatial resolution: 0.34 mrad; Human detection/recognition/recognition distance: 1500m/380m/190m; Vehicle detection distance: 2800m

 Visible Light Camera: 5-million pixels,62°Field of View

LCD: 3.5 inch ,640*480 touch screen

Focusing: Manual Focus / Auto Focus

Clear imaging range: 0.3m~∞

Background Temperature Correction Radiance Correction: Auto Correction by User Background Temperature Input ,0.01~1

Optical Filter/Window Correction: Auto Correction by User Transmission Input

Display mode: Full infrared, full visible, picture in picture, fusion (proportional adjustable), color warning

Temperature Measurement Mode: Real Time Central Temperature Display,high and low temperature tracking,User Defined Line/Probes of Interest

Automatic Alarming: User Defined Alarming Threshold

Frame Freeze: Supported

Image Enhancement: Detail Enhancement Technology

Palettes: 10 Palettes: including Grayscale, Grayscale inverted, Ironbow, Hot metal, etc.

Digital Zoom: 2X,4X

Data Storage

TF card: 32GB TF card

Temperature data storage: Self defined MGT format, dealing with offline software Thermoscope

Video Storage: H.264

Report Generation: Word format with user guide

Voice Annotation: 60 seconds

Text Annotation: Supported

Environmental parameters

Operating Temperature: -30~60℃,to see the next page

Storage Temperature : -40~80℃

Humidity: ≤85%(Non-condensing)

Enclosure rating: IP54

Shock: 25G,IEC68-2-29

Shake: 2G,IEC68-2-6

Electromagnetic Compatibility: Comply with CE/FCC standards


Real-time temperature data transmission: Ethernet(Optional)

Video Output: PAL/NTSC(Optional)

Image And Video Export: USB interface or card reader

Laser Indication: Yes

External Power Supply: DC 12V

Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery, working 6 hours

Dimension: 148mm(L)×99mm(W)×247mm(H)

Weight: 0.6kg(Include 25mm auto len)

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