Huatec HR-2000 硬度计 (HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH, HRK, HRL, HRM,HRR)


- Conversion Scale: Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers

- Indicat`ion of Hardness Value: Large LCD screen display

- Max Height of Specimen: 170mm

- Data output: Inside Printer, RS-232

- Net weight: About 70kg

- Power supply: AC220V

- Duration time: 1-60s

- Carried Standard: GB/T230.1 GB/T23.2 Chinese Standard, JJG112 Inspection Rule

-  Distance of Indenter to outer wall: 160mm

- Preliminary Rockwell Testing force: 10kgf(98N)

- Total Rockwell testing force: 60kgf(588.4N) 100kgf(980.7N) 150kgf(1471N)

- Preliminary Superficial Rockwell Testing force: 3kgf(29.4N)

- Total Superficial Rockwell Testing force: 15kgf(147.1N) 30kgf(294.2N) 45kgf(441.3N)

- Measuring Scale: HRA:20-88 HRB:20-100 HRC:20-70 HRD:40-77 HRE:70-100 HRF:60-100 HRG:30-94, HRH:80-100  HRK:40-100  HRL:50-115  HRM:50-115 HRR:50-115

Standard Accessories:

- Diamond Rockwell Indenter: 1 pc

- Diameter 1.5875mm Ball Indenter: 1 pc

- Hardness block(HRB, HRC High,HRC Low, HR15N,HR30N,HR30T): 6 pcs

- Large, Medium, “V” shaped Testing Table: Each 1

- RS-232, Power supply: Each 1

- Plastic Dustproof cover: 1 pc

- Manual

- Product certificate

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