HUATEC HRD-150 电梯钢丝绳超声波探伤仪 (Eight wire cable)


Standards: GB/T21837-2008, ASTM E1571-2001 (Standard specification for electromagnetic examination of ferromagnetic steel wire rope), GB/T5972-2006/ISO 4309:90, GB8918—2006

Detecting range:Φ1.5—30 mm (choose different sensor)

Relative velocity between sensor and wire rope:0.0—6.0 m/s Best choice:0.3—1.5 m/s

Best gap between guide sleeve and wire rope: 2—6 mm,allowed gap:0—15mm

Output file type: Word files output

Alarm: Sound and light alarm

Broken wire rope location(LF)detection

Qualitative judgement accuracy: 99.99%

Quantitative assessment

Repeatability error of Sensitivity: ±0.055%

Display error: ±0.2%

Error of location detection,(L): ±0.2%

Power:5V computer power supply

WEIGHT OF SENSOR: < 10kg (Regular sensor)

Environment temp.-10℃~40℃

Air pressure:86~106Kpa

Relativity humidity:≤85%

Technical indicators

Full range of wire rope diameter range can be detected: Φ 1.5-300 - mm (need to configure different series specifications sensor)

Relative speed between sensor and wire rope: 0.0 -- 6.0 m/s best: 0.3 -- 1.5 m/s

The best gap between sensor guide sleeve and wire rope is 2 -- 6 mm, and the allowable gap is 0 -- 15mm

Broken wire defect (LF) detection capability

Qualitative: single concentrated broken wire qualitative detection accuracy is 99.99%

Quantification: the number of broken roots in a single place allows one or one equivalent root to misjudge

More than 100 times of quantitative detection with single centralized root breakage without error, the accuracy rate is ≥92%

Quantitative rate of change of metal cross section (LMA)

Permissible error of detection sensitivity repeatability: ±0.055%

Permissible error of detection accuracy indication: ± 0.2%

Position (L) detection capability: detection length percentage error: ±0.2%

Power supply: computer battery power 5V

Sensor weight: commonly used specification < 10kg

Ambient temperature: -10℃~40℃ atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa  relative humidity: ≤85%


◆ can on-line test the wire rope internal and external broken wire, wear, corrosion, deformation, loose strands, jump wire, material changes and other defects.

◆ the test results can meet the standards of different industries and can be displayed in the form of the number of broken wires and the ratio of the broken wire area to the total broken wire area.

◆ computer USB interface for direct sampling, processing and analysis, with online sound and light alarm and real-time display results.

◆ sensor circular structure, circumferential surround, axial magnetization, magnetization of the wire rope to saturation state.

◆ The sensor adopts alloy aluminum shell, which is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and moisture-proof.

◆ stable work, reliable performance, high detection accuracy, strong anti-interference performance, accurate data.

◆ software to adapt to Windows98/2000 / xp/Vista/windows7 various computer operating systems

◆ in accordance with the provisions of the national metrology law and the national production safety law, each instrument shall be inspected by the national metrology institute as a third party in accordance with the American standard ASTM1571, and the test report shall be issued to obtain the legal qualification.

◆ widely used in mining, ropeway, lifting equipment, elevator, port machinery, cable bridge and other fields.

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