HUATEC HUH-5M 超音波便携式硬度计


Model Name: HUH-5M

Loading Force: 10N/20N/50N/98N

Indenter Type: 136°Vickers Diamond Indenter

Measuring Range: HB: 85-650;HV 80-1599; HRC 20-70;HRB: 41-100; HRA: 61-85.6; HS: 34.2-97.3;Mpa: 255-2180N/mm

Measuring Accuracy: HV:±3%HV; HRC:±1.5HRC; HB:±3%HB; HLD:±5HLD;

Measuring Direction Support:  360°

Data Storage: To save 1000-groups of measuring data and 20-groups of calibration data

Hardness Scales: HV,HB,HRC, HLD

Data Display: Loading force, Testing-times, Testing result, Average, Maximum,Minimum,Deviation and Conversion scale.

Hardness Indication: LCD display

Operating Environment: Temperature:-10℃~50℃; Humidity: 30%~80%R.H

Operating Voltage: DC 6V

Instrument Dimensions: 160x80x31mm

Net Weight: Approximate 500g(Without probe)

Standard Delivery

HUH-5M main unit: 1

Probe Cable: 1

Anti Vibration Case: 1

English Operation Manual: 1

50N/98N Manual probe: 1

Com Cable: 1

Screw: 1

Warranty Card: 1

Standard Rockwell Block: 1

USB Cable: 1

Qualification Certificate: 1

Packing List: 1


Main Features:

● Handheld Hardness measurement commonly used like Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Leeb, etc.

● Rockwell and Brinell hardness testing with heavy loading force and big indentation, lead to serious destruction on sample surface.

● Vickers hardness apply optical measurement, professional technicians can operate smoothly, impossible to measure hardness of heavy work piece, installed machinery and permanently assembled parts.

● Leeb hardness testing apply rebound and indirect method to measure hardness, easily lead to big deviation when convert to Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers scales.

● Ultrasonic hardness tester model HUH-5M applies ultrasonic contact impedance method to do comparative hardness measurement for testing pieces, with advantages of high accuracy, efficiency, portable and easy operation.

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