HUATEC HV-30M 维氏硬度计

Technical Specifications:

Turret Type: Motorized

Test Force: (Kgf):1, 3, 5,10, 20, 30 (N): 9.8, 29.4, 49, 98, 196, 294

Min. Test Unit: 1µm

Max Height of Specimen: 160mm

Distance from Indenter to Out Wall: 135mm

Hardness Test Range: 8HV~2900HV

Method of Test Force Applied: Automatically Load and Unload Test Force

Amplification of Test Microscope:  200X(Measuring),100X(observation)

Shift Between Objectives & Indenters: HV-30M

Dwell Time: 0~60s (1 second as a unit, optional key in)

Power Souse: AC220V+5%,50-60Hz

Overall Dimension: 520X190X650mm

Net weight: About 40Kg

Standard Accessories:

Weight: 3

Vickers hardness block (High, Low): 1 each

V shape testing table: 1

Spare Fuse (2A): 2

Round flat testing table: 1

Power cable: 1

Big testing table: 1

Objective 10X: 1

Operation Manual: 1

Product Certificate: 1



1. HV-5M/10M/30M/50M Vickers Hardness Tester with motorized turret

2. Good Quality (ISO & CE Certification)

3 Knoop hardness can be measured with optional indenter

4. Stepless adjustable brightness light source;

Application fields:

Heat treatment, carbide, quench hardened layer, the surface coating layer, steel, non-ferrous metal and small and thin shape parts, etc.

Main Features:

The hardness tester adopts LCD screen to display. Such selections as the hardness scales HV or HK, various steps of test force, dwell time can be operated on the operating panel. The luminosity of light source can be adjusted without grades as well. After input the D1 & D2 values measured form the eyepiece, the hardness value will display on the LCD screen directly.

Model HV-5M /10M/30M/50M Micro Vickers Hardness Tester (with motorized turret) is with the function to shift between the indenter and objectives mutually during test process.

Application materials:

Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, IC thin sections, coating layer, ply-metals

Glass, ceramics, agate, precious stones, thin plastics, etc

Hardness test such as that on the depth and gradient of the carbonized layers and quenched hardened layers.

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