HUATEC HXPC-100B1X X射线履带式机器 (Φ400-1100 mm, 150-250 kV, 3mA)


Applicable pipe inner diameter: Φ400-1100 mm

Cleaning pipe optimum climbing slope: 12°

Controlling method: Magnetic positioning

Output voltage: 150-250 kv

Output current: 3 mA

Exposure time: 0-3 min

Positioning accuracy: ±5 mm

Travel speed: 12 m/min

Battery voltage / capacity: 108V/7AH,108V/12AH

Non-exposure walking distance: 2000m

Applicable wall thickness: ≤34mm

Crawler Total length mm: 2100(car body 1100mm shoe 550mm)

Driving mode: Single drive

Focal spot size: 2.0*2.0

X-ray radiation angle: 360°*30°

Operating ambient temperature: -20°C to +75°C

Storage temperature: 0°C to +60°C

Applicable environmental humidity: ≤85%

Battery box weight: 21Kg,42Kg

Generator weight: 13kg

Climbing weight: 30kg

The turning radius of the crawler:>7D

Generator type: HUATEC XXGH-2505



Crawler (car): 1 unit  

X-ray generator: 1 unit  

Battery: 2 cases  

Battery charger: 2 unit  

Magnetic positioning transmitter: 1 unit  

Magnetic positioning receiver: 1 uni  

Magnetic positioning charger: 1 unit  

Lengthening axis: 1 set

Wheel (large): 1 set

Wheel (small): 1 set

Extended support plate: 1 set

Tool: 1 set  

Instructions: 1 copy  

Assembly drawing: 1 set

Fault comparison table: 1 copy 

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