HUATEC XXG-2505CX 充气式X射线探伤仪 (1.5mm)

Technical specifications:

(1) Pipe voltage range: directional 250kV

(2) Tube current range: 5mA

(3) Focus size: ≤1.5*1.5

(4) Maximum penetration (Fe) : ≥40mm

(5) Cooling mode: air cooling

(6) Type of ray tube: cermet tube

(7) controller display mode:; Digital display. KV/T

(8) Other parameters:

A. Intelligent automatic test function

B. Automatic over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, under-current and over-temperature alarm function of the ray tube

C. Pause the function. (Exposure or training can continue after suspension)

D. Precise timing function

(9) Use of environmental conditions

Ambient temperature range: -15 ° to +50°

Ambient humidity: ≤90%

(10) Generator size: 220*220*550mm weight: 17.4kg

(Normal model: 240*240*600mm Weight: 24.4kg

Control machine size: 320*270*180mm weight: 8KG

Standard Delivery

Directional glass X-ray tube: 1 Pcs  

Generator: 1 Set  

High voltage joins cable: 1 Pcs- 25 Meters

Controller: 1 Set  

Power cable: 1 Pcs- 10 Meters

Grounding cable: 1 Pcs- 5 Meters

Accessories : 1 Set  

(Including: alarm lamp,1 Pcs; lead letter, 1 box; Film dark cassettes 5 pcs; intensifying screen 5 pcs; Wire penetrameter (IQI) 1 set; fuse1 pc)

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