HUATEC XXG-3005 全景辐射便携式X射线探伤仪 (300kV)


Output voltage (Kv): 70-300

Input (KW): 3.0

Focus spot (mm): 2.5x2.5

Beam angle: 40°+5°

Max penetration (mm): 50

Weight (KG): Generator: 42 Controller: 11

Dimensions (mm): Generator: 335x335x835 Controller: 350x290x160


Directional radiation portable X-ray flaw detector

(Ceramic X-ray Tube)

XXGseries areceramic X-ray tube, both can be directional model and Panoramic, it is more durable than the glass tube: shake proof and long working life.


●Checking the software and hardware itself after start the machine

●Excellent anti-jamming performance, which can adapt for field operation without power supply, because of the motor supports

●Can adjust exposure parameters with keys ( easy operation.)

●Has the function of Delay time opening HV. Convenient for operator keep away from dangerous field

●Can adjust high voltage slowly for protecting X-ray generator

●Automatically controlling according to 1:1 working and rest operating way, the longest continuous exposure period is 5 minutes.

●Including complete protecting system: over KV, over KV, low mA, over mA, over temperature and optical-sound alarming

●Convenient for repairing and maintenance

●Much more Substance for structure designing, much more convenient for local operation

●Time can be changed for±0.3 according to the power supply net to make the exposure more precise

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