智能仓库自动ICAM Silo 2

  • 制造商: ICAM
    Model: Silo 2
    来源: Italy
    保障: 12 month
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    热线:   (+84) 966520220

    电话:  +84 (24) 62923267


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SILO is our multi-column vertical storage system capable of solving the problems associated with intensive storage. It offers maximum adaptability to the actual needs of the warehouse and allows for rapid and ergonomic picking and retrieval operations.

Its modular design enables the creation of automatic storage systems suitable for any requirements in terms of space and capacity.

SILO extends both horizontally and vertically ensuring high storage capacity together with adaptability to any space requirements even in premises with unusual layouts such as low roofs, basements, premises on several floors or those with support pillars or irregular layouts or even outdoors . One of a kind in terms of flexibility and modularity, it can be configured in multi-column versions, from 2 to 7 storage columns , making the creation of warehouses up to 15,000 mm high and 7,085 mm wide possible, and offering over one billion possible configurations, as standard.

The combination of two types of capacity (250 and 400 Kg), different tray dimensions (varying in width from 653 to 1,953 mm, in depth from 612 to 1,288 mm and in height from 41 to 400 mm thanks to side extensions) and a wide range of accessories for internal division (side extensions, removable dividers of various heights, sides and containers), allows the management of various types of items, even those with a very high specific weight (from 99.4 to 1,001 Kg/m²), providing maximum versatility in application and load capacity adapted to the actual loads.


  • Maximum exploitation of the space (vertically and horizontally) and adaptability to any context
  • Best price / storage capacity ratio (€ / m³)
  • High versatility and load-bearing capacities appropriate to the actual load (99.4 to 1,001 kg/m²)
  • Unprecedented operational continuity and flexibility
  • Proper identification, security and traceability of stored materials
  • Ergonomics, safety and comfort for operators


  • Small parts storage
  • Buffer storage of semi finished goods
  • Components and spare parts storage
  • Tools, moulds and dies storage
  • Kit storage
  • Rolled goods storage (cylinders, rolls, ecc)
  • Storage of medicines, medical devices and electro-medical equipment
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