智能仓库自动ICAM Silo L

  • 制造商: ICAM
    Model: Silo L
    来源: Italy
    保障: 12 month
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SILOL is our vertical storage system with shifting trays for multi-purpose uses and for the intensive storage of long items.

Completely redesigned in line with the Industry 4.0 paradigm and the latest technological and ergnomics standards, SILOL is the ideal solution for the intensive storage of items of various shapes and sizes for the long and bulky items as well.

The wide choice trays, available in a wide range of sizes with widths varying from a minimum of 1,227 mm to a maximum of 4,027 mm. Depths range from 665 to 855 mm and the height of the trays can vary from 75 to 400 mm in height. Thanks to a wide range of accessories such as side extensions, removable storage for items o various dimensions and shape.   

SILOL can be extended over several floors, offering the possibility of placing access openings on different levels (with a maximum of 4 access openings per VLM) and / or positioned opposite each other to reduce the need for operator movement and facilitate a faster picking process. 


  • New motors and drives
  • Dual level tray delivery system, both external and internal access opening   
  • Load cells installed on the vertical-lift system 
  • Tray suspension system  
  • IRIDE, interactive control system 


  • Maximum use of vertical space in minimum footprint 
  • High versatility in applications 
  • Drastic reductions of times, costs and errors during picking and retrieval operations
  • Operational ergonomics and safety for operators 
  • Protection of stored materials from dust, thefts and unauthorized access 
  • Real-time monitoring of the status of the storage system and stock levels with and automatic inventory 


  • Small parts storage 
  • Components storage 
  • Long items storage 
  • Rolled goods storage (cylinders, rolls, etc.) 
  • Buffer storage of semi finished goods 
  • Supplies storage 

  • 质量承诺
  • 正品保修
  • 送货到家
  • 交易简单化

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