智能仓库自动ICAM Silo XL

  • 制造商: ICAM
    Model: Silo XL
    来源: Italy
    保障: 12 month
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SILOXLis our single–column vertical storage system with shifting trays for the intensive storage and safe handling of long and / or heavy items. Thanks to its vertical development, SILOXL ensures maximum exploitation of any available vertical space within a minimum footprint.

The tray load capacity increase (from 750 kg to 1,000 kg) and the load cells installed as standard on the access opening for the constant check of the weight of the stored material, make the new SILOXL VLM the ideal solution for all applications who require high load and maximum reliability.

The access window, available in the internal, external and extended up to 1,600 mm, ensure the ergonomic and safe handling of the stored items. The external access opening can be equipped with a side opening in order to facilitate the picking and retrieval of long items and transfer them to the machine tools, such as cutters, located near the VLM. Furthermore, the external access opening can be equipped with an automatic device for the loading of the items within the tray.


  • Tray load increase: from 750 kg to 1,000 kg
  • Vertical incremental pitch reduction  
  • Load cells of the access opening, as standard
  • New automatic device for the loading of the items within the tray 
  • Access opening available in three versions: internal, external or extended


  • Maximum exploitation of the vertical space in a minimum footprint
  • Drastic reduction in times during the picking and retrieval operations
  • Ergonomics and safety for operators
  • High level of protection for the stored items, protecting them from damages and external or unauthorized access
  • Optimization of the manufacturing time when machine tools are placed near VLM (for example cutters)
  • Real-time monitoring of the status of the storage system and stock levels with an automatic inventory


  • Long items storage (tubes, profiles,  bars, sheet metal, etc. ...)
  • Rolled goods storage (cylinders, rolls, ecc)
  • Inter - operational warehouse
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