IMV VM-7024H阻抗振动计

Frequency range: 

+ Acceleration: 0.3Hz ~ 100Hz   

+ Velocity and displacement: 3Hz ~ 100Hz

Maximum mesurable range: 

+ Acceleration : 20m/s2(RMS, EQP, PEAK)

+ Velocity : 100mm/s(RMS, EQP, PEAK)

+ Displacement : 10mmp-p(EQP, PEAK)

Sampling frequency: 4.096kHz

Frequency response: ±5%(0.3Hz ~ 100Hz)


+ Sensitivity error: ±5% (for full scale value at 16Hz)

+ Range changeover error: ±2%(16Hz standard)

+ Linearity: ±1.5% (for full scale value at 16Hz)


+ AC OUT: 0 ~ ±1V (Load 10kΩ or higher)

+ DC OUT: 0 ~ +1V (Load 10kΩ or higher)

Language: Japanese, English, Chinese

Power supply: battery : AA×2pcs (continuous approx. 20hours)

Size / Mass of body unit: 74(W)×32.5(D)×148(H)mm/approx.230g(including battery)

Size/Mass of pickup: 45(W)×45(D)×45(H)mm/200g




■Low price

Low-price and high-functionally.

■Simultaneous measurement of acceleration, velocity and displacement.

Just press one key and start measuring quickly, so it can reduce operation time and prevent miss-measurements.

■Measurement of PEAK, RMS and EQP

Easy to switching mode on screen according to the measurement scene. For example, you can select “peak” for peak to peak value of shock waveform, “rms” for condition of rotation machine.

■FFT analysis*

For further investigation of cause of vibration, SmartVibro is possible to perform frequency analysis by the minimum condition setting.

*VM-4424S doesn’t include this function.

■SD card data saving*

Waveform data is saved into MMC or compatible card

*VM-4424S doesn’t include this function.

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