INSIZE HDT-LP200 便携式里氏硬度计


Can change probes

Dual-coil probe for high accuracy

Based on Leeb (HLD), converted to Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Rockwell (HRC, HRA and HRB), Shore (HS) and tensible strength (SGM)

Dual value display, shows both Leeb and converted hardness

Automatically caculate maximun, minimum and average value

Output: USB 

Large LCD display with backlight

Save 300 data

According to ASTM A956, DIN 50156, GB/T 17394


Resolution: 1HLD/1HV/1HB/0.1HRC/0.1HRB/0.1HRA/0.1HS/1SGM

Accuracy: ±2HLD/±0.3%(when HLD=800)

Measuring range: HL 100-960/HRC 0.9-79.2/HRB 1-140/HB 1-1878/HV 1-1698HS 0.5-1370/HRA 1-88.5/SGM (rm) 1-6599N/mm2

Power supply: 2xAAbattery

Dimension: 127x67x30mm

Weight: 240g

Operating temperature: -10°C~45°C

Standard delivery: Main unit, hardness test block D, small support ring, cleaning brush, impact device D

Optional Accessory: 

Impact device DC (HDT-LP200-DC)

Impact device C (HDT-LP200-C)

Impact device D+15 (HDT-LP200-D15)

Impact device E (HDT-LP200-DL)

Impact device G (HDT-LP200-G)

Hardness test block D (ISH-BHLD)

Hardness test block G (ISH-BHLG)

Printer (ISH-BHLG)

Support rings



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