INSIZE ISO-8000FN 涂层测厚仪(高精密型) (0-500μm)


Probe: Magnetic induction probe (included)

Measuring range:  0-500μm

Resolution:0.1μm (range<100μm); 1μm (100μm≤range≤500μm)

Accuracy: ±(0.5+2%L)μm L is measuring thickness in um

Repeatability: ≤(0.2+0.8%L)μm L is measuring thickness in um

Measuring mode: single and continuous

Measure interval:

Single mode: 1.5s

Continuous mode: 0.4s

Calibration mode: zero calibration and multi-points calibration (1-5 points)

Minimum substrate thickness: 0.1m

Minimum measuring area: 7mm

Minimum radius of curvature workpieces:

Convex surface: 1.5mm

Concave surface: 10mm

Unit: um/mil

Power supply: 4x1.5V AAA batteries

Dimension: 148x76x26mm 

Weight: 148g

Standard Delivery

Main unit 1pc

Magnetic induction probe 1 pc

Zero calibration plate 1pc

Calibration foils 1 set

1.5 AAA battery 4 pcs



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