INSIZE MLP-GP260 自动磨抛机 ( 50~150rrpm)


ABS case and stainless steel parts, anti-corrosion, easy to clean

Can hold up to 4 samples

Smooth rotation, low noise

Adjustable speed

Water cooling device and abrasive cleaning nozzle prevent samples from overheating and destroying structures

Platen rotation direction can be selected

Replaceable platen


Platen diameter: Ø250mm

Platen rotaton speed: 50~1000r/min(stepless adjustable), 150/300r/min(two fixed speeds)

Platen rotation direction: clockwise or couterclockwise

Grinding head speed: 50~150r/min (stepless adjustable)

Pressure range: 5~60N

Operating time: 5~995s

Sample diameter: Ø30mm

Air pressure: 0.6~0.8MPa

Powe supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

Input power: 1.1kW

Dimension: 730x795x594mm

Weight: 90kg

Standard delivery: Main unit, silicon carbide paper ( 6 pcs: 200, 600, 1000), polishing cloth (4pcs)

Optional accessory: Silicon carbide paper (MLP-GP260-Sxx), polishing cloth (MLP-GP260-CLT), diamong polishing agent (MLP-GP260-Dxx)



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