ISP iEDX-150μT15 涂层/镀层厚度分析仪 (15um)

X-ray tube: Mo Target

Detection System: SDD

Energy Resolution SDD: 125eV FWHM at Mn Kα 

Collimator: Poly capillary optics(Focal Spot 15um) FWHM

Detection Element: Al(13) - U (92)

Sample Type: Solid / Liquid / Powder, Multi-layer

Size of the sample chamber: 390 X 410 X 100mm (W x D x H)

Voltage: 50 kV

Current: 1 mA

Beam direction: Top to down

Z stage: Yes

Standard Mode:  Up to 5 layers thickness

Camera Magnification: 40~80x

Safety: 3 point interlock

- Application

Plating thickness measurement special, ENEPIG, Pd-Ni, Rh etc.

Plating analysis automobile parts, Electronic circuit board(PCB), Such as a capacitor

Analysis of single-layer, Multi-layer, Alloy plating

Thickness with Composition Ratio can be measure on time in alloy plating



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