JEIOTECH LCH-21 加热和冷却箱 (-20~100℃, 255L)

Chamber volume (L): 255
Temperature Range (℃): -20 to 100
Time Heating (min): 80 (from 20℃to100℃)
Time Cooling (min): 60 (from100℃to 40℃)
Max. load per shelf (kg): 20
Max. load per shelf (kg): 70
Interior (mm): 600x500x850
External (mm): 794x1070x16
Net weight (kg): 185 
Interface port: Basically RS-232C
Electrical requirements (AC230V, 60Hz): 9.2A




  • Microprocessor PID control.
  • Temperature calibration / Automatic tuning.
  • Adjustable three-step fan speed with defrosting time and period control.
  • Forced air convection using an optimal cross flow fan for chamber temperature uniformity.
  • Energy efficiency is achieved thanks to optimization of the insulation system. The surface of the unit doesn’t allow high temperatures of over 60℃.


  • Two independently controlled chambers merged into a single unit for space saving.
  • Intuitive control panel with bright LED display (0.1℃resolution) and touch-sensitive keypad.
  • Dual wait on/off timer modes. (1 min. to 99 hr. 59 min.)
  • Convenient preset function for 3 most commonly used temperature settings.
  • Up to 9 temperature steps and maximum 200 cycles of repetition programmable for each profile.
  • Built-in cable port to use other instruments inside the chamber. (diameter: 80mm)
  • RS-232 interface for external control and data collection.
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