JEIOTECH KMV-100 加热和冷却箱 (-35~180℃, 1000L)

Chamber volume (L): 1000L
Temperature Range (℃): -35 to 180
Controller: Programmable, Touch screen type controller
Heating time (min.) from 25℃ to 180℃: 78
Cooling time (min.) from 25℃ to -35℃: 96
Max. load per shelf (kg): 45
Max. load per shelf (kg): 150
Interior (mm): 1000×910×1100
External (mm): 1595×1725×1800
Net weight (kg): 440
Interface port: Basically RS-232C
Electrical requirements (AC230V, 50Hz): 3ph / 33.5A




  • Suitable for specific use such as heat treatment and drying process.
  • Microprocessor PID control / Temperature calibration / Automatic tuning.
  • Air-tight door closure with double sealed packing.
    - Heat-resistant silicone double packing completely blocks high heat leakage from the inner chamber.
    - Two-point door latch also enhances tightness to door closure.
  • Energy efficiency is achieved thanks to optimization of the insulation system.
    - Even if the unit is operating at max. temperature, the surface of the unit doesn’t allow high temperatures of over 51℃. (DIN EN 563)
  • Reliable design and production of door is guaranteed.
    - Evaluates the results after opening the door by 90 degrees and applying 50kg load to the point of 30cm from hinges.


  • User selectable operation mode after power interruption
    - ether Automatic run or Manual run.
  • Over-temperature protection.
  • Over-current and current leakage protection.
    (ELCB, earth leakage circuit breaker)
  • Independent safety fuse.
    - Important parts such as controller and heaters are highly secured from short circuit. Especially each heater has an individual fuse to completely break a short circuit.
  • Reversed-phase protection.
    - Electrical connection error indicator helps user to rapidly fix the connection.
  • Over-current protection of motor. - Automatic shut-off in situations where there is over-current to the motor.
  • Open door warning.
    - Heater and fan stop when the door is the open state.
  • Electric wiring panel access warning.
    - Automatic stop if the cover of electric wiring panel is opened.
  • Built in door lock with a key


  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel inner chamber.
  • Space efficient and easy loading chamber design.
    - Included two shelves for loading of large amounts of samples.
    - Heavy load shelving, rated for 40kg are also available. (optional)
  • User friendly LCD controller.
      - Colorful interactive touch type LCD controller.
    - Set point temperature and present temperature are clearly shown together on display.
    - Sufficient programmable control support.
    - Operating progress can be shown in graph mode for better data understanding.
    - Automatic start/stop can be programmed for unattended operations.
    - Display indicates abnormal temperature changes or power failures.
    - Three different language support. (English / Chinese / Korean)
    - Temperature and other operating parameters can be recorded using a six channel digital recorder. (optional)
  • Computer interface.
    - RS-485 communication port(optional) enables connection up to maximum 32 units. Simultaneous monitoring and operating of multiple units is an available feature.
    - Program patterns are simple to set with the use of our software.
    - Easy to check status of real-time operations. Graph data supports easy understanding.
    - Storage and documentation of programs.
    - Data with saving capabilities in excel and text format.
    - Storage of program information, backup of value settings, recovery, and temperature values.
    - RS-232 communication port as standard offer
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