Jeiotech TC-KE-025 温度控制箱(25升,-40至150℃)

Manufacture: Jeiotech
Made in Korea
Model: TC-KE-025
Warranty: 12 month

Chamber volume (L): 25
Controller: Program controller (LCD type)
Temperature Range (℃): -40 to 150
Time Heating (min): 60 (-35℃ to 100℃)
Time Cooling (min): 70
Refrigeration System
+ Mechanical single stage refrigerator system (air-cooled condenser)
+ Refrigerant: R-507A
Max. load per shelf (kg): 25
Max. load per shelf (kg) 65
Interior (mm): 348×220×353
External (mm): 552x878x919
Net weight (kg): 110 ±10
Interface port: Basically RS-232C
Electrical requirements (AC230V, 1ph, 60Hz): 7.4 A




  • Microprocessor PID control / Temperature calibration / Automatic tuning.
  • Uniform temperature and humidity control guarantees reliable test result.
  • Air-tight door closure with perfect sealed packing.
    - Heat-resistant silicone packing completely blocks high heat leakage from the inner chamber.
  • Clear observation of samples.
    - Tempered glass window with wire heater and lighting provides a clear view of samples in the chamber, beneficial for during testing.
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