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JFE AROD-FT Fast optical DO sensor for integration RINKO-FT

Measurement principle: 

DO: Phosphorescence

Temperature: Thermistor


DO Concentration: 0 to 425 μmol L^-1. Air saturation: 0 to 200% (calibration range: 0 to 120%)

Temperature: -3 to 45 °C (calibration range: 0 to 35 °C)


DO: 0.01 μmol L^-1

Temperature: 0.001 °C

Initial accuracy: 

DO: ±2% of measured value or ±2.0 μmol L^-1 (calibraƟon range: 3 to 30 °C)

Temperature: ±0.01 °C



Sample-based drift: ±5% of measured value or ±5.0 μmol L^-1 / 4.000.000 samples

Pressure effect: ±2% of measured value or ±2.0 μmol L^-1 

Temperature effect: ±2% of measured value or ±2.0 μmol L^-1

Response time (63%) (at 25 °C. typical)

DO < 1 s (in water)

Temperature < 1 s (in water)

Representative output parameters: DO in μmol L-1. Temperature in °C. Engineering values of DO and temperature. Number of LED emission times. etc.

Sampling interval: 1s (shorter interval at request)

Pre-heat time: 5s (shorter time at request)

Communication: RS-232C or UART (3.3 V logic) 

Communication protocol: Baud rate: 38400 bps. No parity. Handshake

AD Converter: 16 bit digital conversion

Power: 6 to 26 VDC. 12 VDC recommended

Current drain (at 12 VDC. typical): Operation mode: < 30 mA. Sleep mode: < 0.1 mA

Material: Housing: Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V)

Connector: Impulse MCBH-8-MP (5 8-pin LEMO )


Weight: In air: approx. 265 g 

In water:  approx. 175 g

Depth rating: 6.700 m depth equivalent



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