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JPT 880nm-65W-400μm 激光二极管


Solid-state laser pumping

Medical application

Material processing


Optical Parameters

Output Power: min 65W

Center Wavelength (nm): min 877.6; typical 878.6; max 879.6

Spectral Width(FWHM): typical 0.5 nm

Back Reflection Isolation Range (nm): min 1040; typical 1060; max 1200

Electrical Parameters 

Conversion Efficiency (%): typical 45

Threshold Current (A): typical 1.8

Operating Current (A): typical 9.5; max 10

Operating Voltage (V): max16

Slope Efficiency (W/A): typical 5.6

Fiber Parameters

Core Diameter (μm): typical 400

Numerical Aperture (NA): typical 0.22

Fiber Length (m): typical 1.5

Fiber Connector: typical SMA905

Fiber Bend Radius (mm): min 80

Thermal Parameters

Package Operating Temperature (℃): min 20; max 35

Storage Temperature (℃): min -20; max 85

Wavelength Temperature Coefficient (nm/℃): typical 0.3

Lead Soldering Temperature (℃): typical 260

Lead Soldering Time (s): typical 10


JPT has different kinds of semiconductor laser components and high-power laser modules. Semiconductor laser can be widely used in pump source, industrial processing, mechanical vision, medical and many other fields. Based on the mature coupling technology solution, thermal control and packaging process, the product has the advantages of high power, high beam quality, high stability, etc., and the product wavelength covers 400nm~1000nm, which meets the special requirements of power, brightness, wavelength control, spot uniformity and so on.

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