Kanomax 2212 空气质量检测仪(手持式)

Manufacturer: Kanomax

Model: 2212

Origin: Japan

Warranty: 12 months

- Measurement Specifications:

+ CO:

Range: 0 to 500PPM

Accuracy: +/-3% of reading or +/-3PPM whichever is greater

Resolution: 0.1PPM: 0-99PPM 1PPM: 100-500 PPM

+ CO2:

Range: 0 to 5000PPM

Accuracy: +/-3% of reading or+/-50PPM whichever is greater

Resolution: 1PPM

+ Temperature:

Range: – 4 to 140F (-20 to 60C)

Accuracy: +/- 1F (+/-0.5C)

Resolution: 0.1F (0.1C )

+ Relative Humidity:

Range: 2 to 98%RH

Accuracy: 2 to 80%RH:±2%RH, 80 to 98%RH:±3%RH

Resolution: 0.1%RH

- General Specifications: 

+ Function:

Normal Mode: Normal measuring (do not store and calculate the data.) Relative humidity, CO, CO2, Dew point, Wet bulb temperature, Absolute humidity and Humidity Ratio

Calculation Mode: Store the data, and calculate the maximum, minimum and average value.

% OA Mode: Measure ventilation ratio (Ask for ventilation ratio by calculating from temperature and CO2 value)

Data Output Mode: Perform re-calculation of stored data and output of data to PC and Printer.

Calibration Mode: Perform the calibration of CO and CO2.

+ Output:  

Digital: RS232C

Analog (option): DC 0 to 1V

+ Power Supply: AAA Battery x 4 (Mn, Alkaline, or Ni-Cd)

Analog (option): DC 0 to 1V

+ Dimensions:

Unit: 3.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.0″

Probe: Length: 12.5 inch / Diameter: 1.0 inch

+ Weight: 1.2 lbs (500g))

+ What’s included: Meter, Operation manual, AA batteries, Probe stand,Probe,

Calibration cap, Connection tube, Data processing software(DPS), RS-232C

cable, Carrying case, NIST TRACEABLE CALIBRATION certificate


- Applications:

IAQ Investigation

Building Commissioning

Thermal Comfort Control

Employee Health

Industrial Hygiene



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