Kanomax 4200 振动计

Manufacturer: Kanomax

Model: 4200

Origin: Japan

Warranty: 12 months

- Measurement Range:

Acceleration: 0.02 to 200 m/s2 RMS

Velocity: 0.02 to 200mm/s RMS

Displacement: 2 to 2000 m EQp-p

- Frequency Range:

Acceleration: 3Hz to 10kHz

Velocity: 10Hz to 1kHz (Compliant with JIS B0907-1989)

Displacement: 10 to 400Hz

- Parameters: RMS, Peak, EQ Peak, EQ Peak-to-Peak

- Interface: RS232C

- Output: 

AC Output: 1Vrms (Full Scale)

Headphone Output: Portable Headphones w/Volume function

- Operating Environment: -10 to 50°C, 30 to 90%RH with no condensation

- Power Supply: 2 x AAA batteries or AC adapter

- Dimensions: 5.7″(H)x1.9″(W)x0.9″(D) Case is 12″x18″x3″ (8lbs)

- Weight: 3.0lbs (136 g)

- What’s Included: Meter, Operation manual, Accelerometer with cable and magnet, Contact pin, 2 x AAA batteries, 

Carrying case, Calibration certificate


- Features: 

Compact size maximizes technician mobility

Magnetic accelerometer increases measuring accuracy and ease-of-use

Built-in RS232 interface allows data output to a PC or direct output to a printer

Includes meter, accelerometer with cable and magnet, contact pin, 2 x AAA batteries, carrying case, and NIST TRACEABLE Calibration Certificate

- Applications:

Industrial Machinery Check-ups

Manufacturing QA



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