KASUGA KSD-0108 静电测试仪

Detection method: Vibration-type static sensor
Measuring ranges: ±0.1 - 19.9kV
Measurement precision: Within ±10%
Standard measurement distance: 50mm
Explosion-proof structure:
i (Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure)
Gas for which the structure is effective
2G4 (explosion class: 2, ignition temperature: G4)
Power supply:1 lithium CR2 battery (4 hours or more of continuous operation)
Mass: Approx. 520 g (including battery)


Explosion-proof type digital static meter (KSD-0108)


The KSD-0108 is a static meter in an intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure, which permits static measurement in dangerous atmospheres. This compact, easy-to-handle unit is easy to use at production sites (measurable range: ±0.1 - 19.9KV).
(A national certificate verifying explosion proofing was obtained in Japan, China and Taiwan, and is pending in South Korea.)



  • The KSD-0108 has obtained national certificates verifying its intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure. It can be used safely in dangerous atmospheres in which ignition causes explosion (explosion class: 2, ignition temperature: G4).
  • Measures the potential without contacting the charged object.
  • Its enclosure is coated with a conductive material, which ensures safe, accurate measurement.
  • This compact, easy-to-handle static meter has a digital display that can be easily used in narrow spaces of production sites.


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