KASUGA KSD-3000 精电测试仪(±5000V)

Detection method: Vibration-type static sensor
+Measuring ranges:
-High range: ±1 - ±5000V
-Low range: ±0.1 - ±500V
Analog output: 0 - ±500mV(high range only)
Measurement precision: Within ±10%
Standard measurement distance:10mm
Measurement distance detection Automatic, ultrasonic automatic
Measurement mode:Continuous/ Peak hold
Data memory: Up to 20 values
Power supply: 2 AA alkaline batteries (10 hours or more of continuous operation)
Main unit: 121 mm × 70 mm × 22 mm
Probe: 117mm×18φ
Mass: Approx. Approx. 230g(including probe and batteries)
Options: AC adapter / KSD-AC1(AC100-240V)
Analog output cable / KSD-REC(length: 1,000 mm)


Digital low voltage static meter (KSD-3000)


Electronic devices are becoming less tolerant of static, resulting in lower managed voltage of static. This digital low-voltage static meter permits high-precision measurement of 100V or lower voltages, with a low of 0.1V, an impossible task with conventional static meters. It also allows narrowing down of the measurement area for measuring static on a narrow area such as the surface of an LSI package.


  • Capable of measuring low-voltage static, which causes electrostatic damage.
  • Capable of switching between measuring ranges; a new function that permits measurement of miniature potential.
  • Allows shortening of the measurement distance, making it possible to reduce the measuring area to as small as approximately 20 sq mm. This means the surface potential of small electronic devices can be measured with high precision.
  • The display and detector are separated, permitting measurement in narrow spaces and confirmation of measured value displayed at the user’s fingertips.
  • Capable of measuring static on small electronic components and surface potential distribution on wide objects.
  • Permits switching between peak hold measurement and continuous measurement.
  • Has a built-in circuit that detects and informs of failure of the detection sensor. (Patented)
  • The Sleep mode saves battery power when forgetting to turn the unit off.

Intended use

  • Measurement of surface potential of electronic devices
  • Potential distribution measurement of printed-wiring boards, flat panels, etc.
  • Measurement of other objects with relatively low-voltage charge


Model KSD-3000
Detection method Vibration-type static sensor
Measuring ranges High range:    ±1 - ±5000V
Low range:    ±0.1 - ±500V
Analog output 0 - ±500mV(high range only)
Measurement precision Within ±10%
Standard measurement distance 10mm
Measurement mode Continuous/ Peak hold
Data memory Up to 20 values
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C,Humidity: 65% RH or below (no condensation)
Power supply 2 AA alkaline batteries (10 hours or more of continuous operation)
Dimensions Main unit: 121×70×22mm
Probe: 117mm×18φ
Mass Approx. 230g(including probe and batteries)
Options AC adapter / KSD-AC1(AC100 - 240V)
Analog output cable / KSD-REC(length: 1,000 mm)


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