KEITHLEY 7708 多路复用器



Channels 1–40 Multiplex one of 40 2-pole or one of 20 4-pole signals into DMM.


Maximum Signal Level

Channels (1–40) 300 V DC or rms, 1 A switched, 60 W, 125 VA maximum.

Contact Life (typ.) >105 operations at max. signal level. >108 operations no load1.

1. Open thermocouple detector on during thermocouple measurements. Minimum signal level 10 mV, 10 µA.

Contact Resistance <2 Ω at end of contact life.

Contact Potential <±500 nV typical per contact, 1 µV max. <±500 nV typical per contact pair, 1 µV max.

Offset Current <100 pA.

Connector Type Screw terminal, #20 AWG wire size.

Isolation Between Any Two Terminals >109 Ω, <200 pF.

Isolation Between Any Terminal and Earth >109 Ω, <400 pF.

Cross Talk (1 MHz, 50 Ω Load) <–40 dB.

Insertion Loss (50 Ω Source, 50 Ω Load) <0.1 dB below 1 MHz. <3 dB below 2 MHz.

Common Mode Voltage 300 V between any terminal and chassis.


40 Channels 40 channels of 2-pole relay input. All channels configurable to 4-pole.

Relay Type Latching electromechanical.

Actuation Time <3 ms.

Environmental and Safety

Operating Environment: Specified for 0° to 50°C.

Specified to 80% R.H. at 35°C.

Storage Environment: –25° to 65°C.

EMC: Conforms to European Union EMC Directive.

Safety: Conforms to European Union Low Voltage


RoHS: Conforms to European Union RoHS Directive

Weight 0.52 kg (1.16 lb).

Supplied Accessories

CC-92-1 Set of 20 Cable Ties

TL-23 Screwdriver




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