KLEINWACHTER WST 50 Wrist strap - Tester (20V ±5%, 200MΩ)

Dimensions: approx. 150mm x 88mm x 35mm

Weight: aprox. 220g

Power supply: 4 x Mignon (AA) in hand-held unit

Display: 1 LED 8mm green, 3 LED 5mm red, 1 buzzer

Measuring principle: Voltage current measuring principle, therefor constant voltage

Measuring voltage: 20V ±5%

Connecting: MC plug on the front


The thresholds are adjustable.

Lower threshold from 0 to 2MΩ

upper threshold from 0 to 200MΩ




The WST 50 is used to test the function of eletrostatic wrist straps. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution. The device is transportable and applicable everywhere through battery operation.

The tresholds and the calibration can be adjusted resp. made by the customer.

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