KLEINWACHTER WST 100 SET WST und Shoe - Tester (200MΩ, 60V/1A)

>> WST 100


Hand-held unit: approx. 150mm x 88mm x 35mm

Shoe electrode: approx. 430mm x 500mm x 10mm


Hand-held unit: approx. 250g

Shoe electrode: approx. 2kg

Power supply:

4 x Mignon (AA) in the hand-held unit

optional: Wall wart WST 100 NT

Display: 1 LED 8mm green, 6 LED 5mm red, 1 buzzer

Relay contact: potential-free shutter 60V 2A

Measuring principle: Voltage current measuring principle, therefor constant measuring voltage

Measuring voltage: 20V±5%

Connection: All connections over 9-pin Sub-D plug


The tresholds are seperately adjustable for the wrist strap- and the shoe test.

Lower treshold from 0 to 2MΩ

upper treshold from 0 to 200MΩ

>> WST 100 SE

Dimensions: 430mm x 500mm x 35mm (L x W x H)

Cable length: 150cm 

Relay contact: 60V/1A



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