KMT KDS-250 切割机

▪ Type : Air Cylinder

▪ Working Pressure : 3 ~ 6 bar

▪ Capacity : 1 ~ 2.5 ton

▪ Safety Device : Motor stop when opening / closing the cover

▪ Cooling System : 60L capacity and three-stage separation precipitation

▪ Vise : Cam type quick vise, loosening width 80mm 

▪ Motor Capacity : 2.25kW


Standard specimen preparation (plastic, rubber, paper, fiber)




It is to cut fine parts of various specimens to test microscopic hardness, micro hardness test. Tests are carried out to remove heat effect of the material and to obtain a clean cut surface. Features

▪ Tabletop precision specimen cutting machine is to cut various

   materials of heat treated products

▪ Aluminum casting, no vibration or noise

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