KMT KI-703摆锤冲击试验机夏比

 Application: Metallic materials of castings and cast steel

▪ Capacity : 300J, 500J 

 ▪ Hammer Capacity : 19.526kg, 35.54kg

 ▪ Hammer Center Distance : 750mm, 900mm

 ▪ Anvil Spacing : 60m

 ▪ Hammer lifting angle :  : 165˚

 ▪ Test Standard : ASTM, kS, JIS




The tester is to measure the impact energy from the absorption and the position energy when the specimen is daged by the impact to the notch, and it is divided into Izod and Charpy impact method depending on the impact transmission method.


The high precision equipment is to measure the absorbed energy, impact, brittleness and ductility by breaking the specimen by impacting the specimen of metallic material.

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